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Our names are Ines and Robert. As other animal lovers, we also have our stories about growing up with pets, about love they gave us, about many happy moments with them. Still, true story begins 2007 with out journey to UK, city of Northampton, visiting our friends: Steptoe family. In their hospitable house full of music and joy lived three cats and a dog. One of the cats looked so special that we were intrigued immediately. Common at a first glance, almost as a domestic cat. But closer look discovered much more. Beautiful blue eyes, white marks on paws, slim, almost athletic body, silky voice, devoted behavior with very noticeable personality, these were only few among other characteristics of these cat. His name is Parker and we admit we were amazed. Naturally, the name of SNOWSHOE meant nothing to us but soon we found there was a good reason for this – the breed is very rare.

After search on internet we managed to contact Miss Gina Flasinski in Hamburg, Germany (Alpinestar's cattery) – our dearest friend today. She gave us tons of information’s. About the breed itself, possibility of breeding, getting a cat, shows, cat care and even smallest details like  paperwork, vets, traveling with a cat etc. Also she promised to help regarding getting a first female cat to start breeding. In October 2008 to our house in Karlovac arrived a beautiful SNOWSHOE female named Dakota. Though at that time we had one domestic cat – Biba and a dog – Rita, (both rescued from a street, mixed breed), Dakota soon become an equal member of our family. And even more. Her sweet voice, silent purr, elegant walk and padding at any possible occasion really showed her uniqueness.

Sure, for a cattery a boy (stud) is equally important. After a long search, we found him in Glasgow, Scotland. From a Kiabindhi cattery, Mrs. Gail Caldwel in January 2010 we got Aldo, (real name SnowKing). While Dakota is like cat princess, Aldo is a real cat rebel. Louder, happier, playful, ready for all kind of jokes .

As Aldo arrived still as a kitten, Dakota was supposed to wait for him to grow up. First mating came on February 2011. If everything goes well, our small family will have few new members’ right for Eastern.
Plans for the future are defined with our love for these beauties. In a small cattery we will try to breed Snowshoe cats of preferred pattern, popular the breed on shows and among cat lovers, spend many more happy moments with our cat and dog family members.We hope that you too will come to like this beautiful and rare breed. If it happens and if you have any question for us, please feel free to contact us.

Ines Tomašić & Robert Šušnjar
Borlin 76, HR-47000 Karlovac


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