2012 / Oct 27. and 28.- Nomination for Cesar at a World Cat Show Zagreb 2012!!!

At a World Cat Show Zagreb 2012, in a category castrats, our (Lara's) Cesar won nomination so he was present in a Sunday part of event. At the show participated 1025 cats and of all Croatian breeders, only eight of their cats had the same success (only 3 nominated cats from Croatian breeders in a category III shorthairs).

For our small cattery it is a great success ...

2012 / Sep 08. and 09.- First and second BIS for Aldo!!!

At a catshow in Karlovac, Aldo won BIS (Best in show) for male shorthair cat

2012 / Aug 04. and 05.- First BIS for Caligula!!!

At a catshow in Bratislava, Caligula won BIS (Best in show) for male neuter shorthair cat

2011 / Oct 15 - Aldo became GIC - Grand international champion!!!

2011 / Aug 06. and 07.- First BIS for our litter!!!

BIS certificate, won on 2nd day of show, judges woted between us, Brits and Spfinx

From a catshow in Bratislava, Aldo and his boys did some serious job

2010 / 12 - International exhibition in Karlovac, Croatia

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